When the sun rises I think of a new day as a new world I want to meet. So,in my eyes I see the colour of a rose full of dew drops. In my mind are all the wonderful places i saw or hope to see and in my heart there is the emotion of a new adventure. Come with me in my world of beauty!

House of roses

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
Carl Jung
The more frightening the world becomes...the more art becomes abstract.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Handbags 2007

These are the handbags I have created in 2007.
It was so funny to play with fabrics and colors.
Some of them are now in my daughter's wardrobe and others were sold via Casa Trandafirilor (House of Roses)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Silent Night ...O ce veste minunata...

Silet Night, Holy Night..

Cerul stralucea, Ingerul venea....

All is calm, all is bright...

Pe-o raza curata...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

At the end of this year:

Thank You God for my life, for my freedom,
Thank You for the gift of love,
Thank You for the courage to say who I am and what is in my soul and mind.
Thank You for my existence in the light of truth,
Thank You for my straight
way in life .
Thank You for the harmony and the beauty in my life.

For all my friends who were my guests here this year :

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year 2008!

God Bless you !

Friday, December 21, 2007

Artists and their strange stories

Today I remembered Fernando Pessoa.
Maybe , because I finished a wonderful book by Silvia Kerim, sensible memories about artists who were her friends or only she admired them and their creations.
But, Fernando Pessoa was something else.His personality is diffused through the heteronyms :Ricardo Reis, Alberto Caeiro or Alvaro de Campos.

Today this is so easy to do that.
More nicknames, more blogs, and more stories.
Maybe it is useful for inspiration or only for fun.

Artists are weird personalities, or only misunderstood creators.
Beyond the way they succeed and the souls they touch, it is their work.
A twine between love and selfishness, genius and fiend.

Artists ...and their strange stories.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Night at The Opera

Tonight at The National Opera from Cluj - "Il Trovatore"
Verdi again, this time with the sad story of an unhappy love.
Nice evening, with great music in a wonderful opera hall.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Four Seasons Quilt Swap

This is my Winter, ready to go on a long journey over the ocean.
My Winter is full of joy, colored and bright.
My Winter is made to bring happiness .
My Winter comes from the music of "The Red Priest".
But most of all, my Winter was inspired by a wonderful, sensible and special creation of WINTERMOOD
You can see His Art HERE
Thank You !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


A wonderful invitation

the sens of living,
death and birth,
the end and the beginning,
black and white.

Winter ,
the colors of uncolored,
ice and flame,
night and day.

Winter ,
so much light
and so much music...

in my soul...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

You and me

your memories start to whisper
about the ocean .

I feel it
in my veins...

The breeze start
to dance
over your shoulder.

I feel it
in my breath...

The waves
wail and struggle
and call for your arms.

I feel it
on my skin...

I'm near you
but you are free.

My veins...
my breath...
my skin...


Your freedom makes me
love you

Saturday, October 20, 2007


The shapes,
can they bring
the essence
of the universe?

If you call,
the silence fills
the space
of harmony.

If you touch,
the emptiness

If you look,
the shadows
replace the bright
of the world's face.

If you
you have the answers
of the shapes
in the universe.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Manastirea Barsana, Maramures

Sunt locuri unde lumina se aseaza,
iar linistea canta melodii domoale...

There are places where the light sits,
And the silence whispers soft songs…

Caldura lemnului sporeste
ecoul gandurilor

The warmth of the wood enhances
The eco of thoughts

si securea , uneori, lasa in urma
dantela si culoare.

And the tomahawk sometimes leaves behind
Lace and color.

Asfintitul inmoaie verticala
si Cerul mangaie crestetul turlei.

The sunset comforts the heights
And the Sky caresses the top of the spire.

Pelerin la intalnirea cu toamna...

Pilgrim meeting the autumn…

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Colors, my melody

my eyes
through your strings

trying to find
what is the color
it all begins.

that come
from nowhere
the place where
everything has begun.

makes color
in the universe.



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you AR

I have received today a wonderful gift from my dear friend AutumnRose.
Thank you AR for such a delicate sign of friendship.
I'll put the heart near the PC, to have it here when I 'll be on line.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Here I find that the other name of turquoise is Capri,
here I understand that " ocher" was created in Italy
here my eyes, blue and thirsty
drank from the see and the sky
felt only
the soft breeze...
they are still

(first version, unfinished)

Sunday, September 9, 2007


A short business trip to Arad .
It was a rainy day and very cold for this time of the year.
Even so, I found a beautiful city , old and modern in the same time.
In the west of the country life seems to be more "occidental".

Monday, September 3, 2007

Giving you shall receive

Giving you shall receive

Blind, unwise, and of a narrow mind as I am, I was not foolish and unknowing enough to believe that Christ asks us to give from our surplus: that, even the pagans do. I was however unskilled and lost in the darkness enough to think - what seems entirely in accord with Christian teaching - that we are asked to give from the little we have, if not even from the very little. I even went as far as agreeing with the idea that from the parable of the two talants thrown by the widowed woman in the offering box (Mk 12:41-44, Lk 21:1-4) follows that we should give all we have, our entire possessions.

It was needed that I stumbled upon reading, a while ago, a text of the French poet Henri Michaux (1899 - 1988) to understand, trembling, shuddering, that Christ asks something entirely different: to give what we do not have.

How blind, unwise, and of a narrow mind I was. And locked in the chains of the most lamentable common sense. How could I imagine that Christ-God who accepted to take on a body and be crucified on the cross lust like the unhappiest and most wicked of mortals, would ask us to give from the surplus or the little possessions, or even to give their entirety? How would He have called us to actions so simple, so of this world, that is, so possible! Did not Paul Claudel define God for us, attributing to Him the saying: Why do you fear? I am the impossible who looks at you.

Christ, thus, asks for exactly this: the impossible: to give what we do not have.

But let us listen to Michaux: in the monastery where he would like to be received, a simple candidate to monasticism shows up. He confesses to the geronda: know, Father, that I have neither faith nor light, nor essence, nor courage, nor trust in myself, and I cannot be of any help to myself, much less to any others; I have nothing.

It would have been logical for him to be rejected at once. Not so, however. The geronda (abbot, as the French poet says) replies: What does that have to do with anything! You have no faith, have no light; giving them to others you will have them, too. Searching them for another, you will gain them for yourself. Your brother, your neighbor and fellow man, him you are duty bound to help with what you do not have. Go: your cell is on this hallway, third door on the right.

Not from the surplus, not from the little, but from your unpossession, from what you lack. Giving another that which you do not have - faith, light, confidence, hope - you will acquire them as well.

"You have to help him with what you do not have."

"Giving what you do not have, you acquire too, the naked, the deserted, that which you lack."

"With what you believe you have not, but which is, which will be in you.

Deeper than the depth of your self. More mysterious, more covered, clearer, fast spring which flows unceasingly, calling, inviting to communion."

Yes, only in this way you will be able to speak as a servant of Christ, of the One full of mystery: paradoxically (as he always has taught us: if you want to rule, serve; if you want to be exalted, humble yourself; if you want to save your soul, lose it for me; if you want to recapture your purity, admit your guilt) and amazingly (if you will give what you do not have, you will also gain what you have given others).

I think that nowhere, except for the Gospels, have more clear and more Christian words been spoken than in Michaux's little poem, which stupefied and enthused me. Maybe in some fragments of The Brothers Karamazov and The Demons, maybe Cervantes creating El nuestro Senor Don Quijote, El Christo espanol, maybe Albert Camus in the text about Oscar Wilde (titled The Artist in Prison) and about the way to Christ not through suffering and pain (a good way, though an inferior one) but by an excess of happiness and moments of euphoria (a superior way). I think nowhere a poet or writer has spoken more closely of the unapproachable One.

Giving what we have no, we gain by rebound what - with unimaginable outrageousness - we have dared to give to another. The lesson is valid for any Christian, clergy or laity. For the monk, especially. Let him not worry, not fear, not be anxious, the monk who feels his inner-self deserted, haunted by lack of belief and weakness, full of darkness and aridness; let him not mind these in the least. Temptations of hopelessness, unbecoming tricks of the evil and dry one. Let him give those who come to him, in his cell, in the monastery garden, on the porch of the guest-house, at the alter gates - so they can find faith, strength, light, and a ray of hope, that which they expect from him and which he very well knows that in that moment he may not have. Let him give them. And, giving them, they will also refract back on him and he will be benefited by the gift made unto others.

"Giving the light you do not have, you, too, will have it."

Do Michaux's words, perhaps, not clarify in more depth the text from Matthew 25 about the fearful Judgment? Perhaps, have not the good ones given the thirsty from the water they lacked; the hungry from the food they did not have, the naked one the clothes they themselves were straining after?...

The secret of monastic life shows itself to be: to dare to give that which, temporarily, you may be lacking. Here then, is the Christian paradox in its entirety, splendor, and virtue. But here is the amazing promise: giving what you do not have, you gain what you knew to give from the emptiness of your being. The supra-natural gift is reflected on you, comes back to you like a boomerang, like a ray of light projected at a mirror, and enriches you, fills you up, overwhelms you.

Of course. If could not be otherwise! How could we think, even for a moment - not to say anything about years - that Christ wants to give from what we have: the surplus, the little, everything. Big deal, worthy endeavor! Too human, the poor, pitiful work! Something different is asked from us: what seems to be impossible. Something else is promised: what which cannot be conceived or believed.

Let every fear, uncertainty, shyness, fear of hypocrisy disappear from us, the monks: the monk is meant to give others faith and light even if he may be lacking them a shorter or longer while. Even if he is in a crisis of listlessness. Even if he were guilty of a weakening in the zeal and steadiness of monasticism.

Could he? Could he fulfill the miracle? Of course, since he is part of those about whom Christ says that "they are not of this world, as I am not of this world" (John 17:16). And again, "But not only for these I pray, but for those who will believe in Me through their word." (John 17:20). And in the Book of Acts (20:35) Paul also says: "You have to help the weak and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus: it is more blessed to give than to receive."

Truly, giving above nature, we receive grace above grace. Let the weak, thus, say: give me, Lord, when I am lost and naked, strength and impudence to be able to give from what I do not have. And You make this gift of mine - paradoxical, absurd and daring - return to me through your mercy which counts human wisdom ad madness and the adage "Nemo dat quod non habet" sounding brass and clanging cymbal. You who ask only the impossible and do only what the human mind cannot understand.

Monk Nicolae Steinhardt

Translation from here

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A word

I have been tagged by AutumnRose. Just take the first word, and add one more…

1. Yourself: optimist
2. Your spouse: loyal
3. Your hair:original
4. Your mother: old
5. Your father:dead
6. Your favourite item: colors
7. Your dream last night:none
8. Your favorite drink:coffee
9. Your dream car:Smart
10. The room you are in: study
11. Your ex: away
12. Your fear: snakes
13. What you want to be in 10 years: painter
14. Who you hung out with last night: hubby
15. What you’re not: ordinary
16. Muffins: chocolate
17. One of your wish list item: nenuphar
18. Time: morning
19. The last thing you did: eat
20. What you are wearing: tshirt
21. Your favorite weather: sunny
22. Your favorite book:poems
23. The last thing you ate:ice- cream
24. Your life: gift
25. Your mood: happy
26. Your best friend: Alexandra
27. What you’re thinking about right now: Capri
28. Your car: green
29. What you are doing at the moment: typing
30. Your summer: wonderful
31. Your relationship status: fulfilled
32. What is on your TV: nothing
33. What the weather is like: cloudy
34. When was the last time you laughed: now

I tag: Corina, Teodo, Dora, Teodora, Daniela, if they are in the mood for this :).
Tomorrow I'll be back at work:( . I wish you a very good week. Take care.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


In my journey this summer I was thinking about you AutumnRose, my special friend from the internet. I think that our spiritual and artistic universe are very close. These images are dedicated for you and were taken thinking of you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


About Italy ...only this for now:
I found Capri!
A land built as a gift for my eyes.
Just watch!

This is the place where I would definitely return someday!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Memories from Italy

We are back home now.
Italy was a wonderful destination this summer.
Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples and Capri, those were our places to go and we discovered an interesting, charming and full of history land.
Here are some pictures and others soon in my album.
You can find also beautiful photos from our trip here
It's nice to be at home again but Italy is still on my mind.