When the sun rises I think of a new day as a new world I want to meet. So,in my eyes I see the colour of a rose full of dew drops. In my mind are all the wonderful places i saw or hope to see and in my heart there is the emotion of a new adventure. Come with me in my world of beauty!

House of roses

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
Carl Jung
The more frightening the world becomes...the more art becomes abstract.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

You and me

your memories start to whisper
about the ocean .

I feel it
in my veins...

The breeze start
to dance
over your shoulder.

I feel it
in my breath...

The waves
wail and struggle
and call for your arms.

I feel it
on my skin...

I'm near you
but you are free.

My veins...
my breath...
my skin...


Your freedom makes me
love you


Nihal said...

Hey Sma, this is so touchy! I'm happy to see that you are really near to me;) Besides joking, poems are real tools when we are having difficulties to talk our deep feelings. How interesting that I, too, talked about the importance of a poem in my journal. Hope you had a good start-up for the week ahead of us. Lovies&Warm greetings as always.

SMA said...

Thank you Nihal:). I'm working hard for a new painting exhibition this winter. Here, on my blog I try to find friend's opinions about my art.:)
Colors and poems are tools indeed, when we want to express our sensibility. Thank you for your comment, and for being so close to me! Hugs, Sma

Marie said...

I think one admires that talent of others. I love art and still remember going to our State Art Gallery to see the 'Masterpieces'. To be able to see, Renoir, Goya, Monet, Van Goh and so many others. It was a real JOY!

Thankyou Sma for sharing your own talents with us all:).

Peace to you:)


SuzyQ said...

I love this painting!
I can see the intimacy between a mother and her child within it.
But there are wings as well as arms embracing the child I think. And beyond them the freedom in which they may fly in time.
Thankyou for sharing your talents with us:0)

AutumnRose said...

These last two entries are truly beautiful. God's blessings to you, my dear, dear friend Sma!

Love AR xxx

SMA said...

Thank you Marie for your visit.Great artists are always a model for us. Nice to have you here.
Suzy, it is true that my painting can be understand like this.I , wanted to bring through the colors and shapes the power of love witch make us so strong to accept to lose everything in the name of love.
AutumnRose, your visit and words are very important foe me, because I feel
you trust in me and you are with me in my project.
Hugs XX, and bless you all, Sma

Pia said...

Beatiful paintings, and I'm glad you're using one of them as your ID image!

SMA said...

Thank you Pia! I'm so glad you are visiting my blog. Your opinion about my paintings is very important for me. I hope the fog will recede and the sun will rise in the morning with a worm and optimistic light.
Hugs XX, Sma

Karen Cole said...

Beautiful images in paint and words. I'm very impressed with your use of the english language, Sma.

teodo said...

Beautiful painting!
Looking at it I remember my Mom when I was a child.
ciao ciao

JustMe said...


Pia said...

Thanks sma! I visit as often as possible, and am looking forward to finding new works soon!

AutumnRose said...

Sma, my dear friend,

I am missing you, both here and in the Rose Garden.

Do let me know how you are!

Love & prayers,
AR xx


explozie de candoare si tandrete...grozava pictura!
sa ma anunti cand vei avea expozitia!!!